Performances at Titanik Galleria and Hansa shopping centre, Turku, Finland

In collaboration with Norwegian software programmer Lars Moen I set up a software company, Apocalypti Technologies, with one product only: Theosis, which is designed to run through and configure all possible combinations of all possible pixels in all possible colours, thus revealing every possible picture representable on a computer screen. Wherever you look, whatever you glance at, whatever you remember from your past, whatever you imagine in your head – Theosis will be able to configure its exact visual representation in full colour on your computer screen. It goes without saying that there is a humoristic aspect to Theosis and its astronomical uselessness: The total number of pictures configurable through this programme is a number containing 5681750 digits. (As a comparison, the total number of elementary particles in the Universe, according to scientists, is a number with 77 digits. One million, 1000000, contains 7 digits.)